Quiz #2: Is He the Right Younger Man for You?

1. He's younger, but he has good character, is fun to be with, and treats me better than most men I know. _____Agree (Stop the test, he's your man); _____Agree somewhat (1); _____Disagree (0)

2. We're friends, but I find myself wanting more. _____Agree (2); _____Agree somewhat (1); Disagree (0)

3. Marital status: _____One or both married (Give yourself -2, then stop, think, and be careful!); _____Single, never married, partner unmarried (1); _____Single, married before, partner unmarried (2)

4. Our age difference is: _____0-10 years (2); _____11-20 years (1); _____Over 20 years (0)

5. Age is: _____Our only difference (2); _____Our primary difference (1); _____The least of our differences (0)

6. My family and friends: _____Already like him (2); _____Would like him if they had the chance (1); Would disapprove (0)

7. He wouldn't fit in with any of my family or friends. _____Agree (Think clearly about why you are attracted to him and proceed with caution.); _____Agree somewhat (0); _____Disagree (1)

8. I'm more successful in my career (and/or, I earn more than he does) and: _____It's not a problem for either of us (2); _____It's an issue for him (or me), but I think we can work it out (1); _____We're both concerned (0)

9. The issue of children is not a problem for us. _____Agree (2); _____Agree somewhat (1); _____Disagree (0)

10. Ten years from now: _____He'll probably be a pleasant memory (0); _____We'll still be friends (1); _____We could be growing older together (2)


9 or more points: Congratulations! You've found your younger man.

6-8 points: He may be the one, but you'll have to resolve some issues.

4-5 points: Be friends and keep looking.

0-3 points: What are you thinking? Find someone else.

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